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Milk and Honey

Aug 13, 2019

We receive daily questions about our favorite books for studying the Bible, fiction novels that we take on vacation with us and more! In today's quick episode, we are sharing our favorite go-to reads.

Aug 6, 2019

Nobody likes an honest mirror. It tells the whole truth and shows every flaw. The Bible is a metaphorical mirror into the state of our hearts. When we open our hearts and pray for God to examine us, we are shown that our desires and fears often stem from selfish motives or a place of distrust. 

On today's episode,...

Jul 30, 2019

God has a purpose for your life here on this earth. If He didn’t, then the second you accepted Christ he would have taken you to heaven. But He hasn’t. You are here, and God has plans for your life while on this earth. Start discerning the voice of God, and walk in the purpose He has for you!


Scripture Mentions:

Jul 23, 2019

Adding new family members can be a struggle and can create a lot of tension in marriage. Lindsey and Amaris discuss the correct way to address your spouse and your in-laws when you are experiencing conflict. They hope that this episode encourages you to see the good and shift your perspective while also creating...